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The Gibadda Project
Luigi in the vineyard

Back to Our Roots

Gibadda is the dream come true of Luigi, an entrepreneur and wine expert born and raised in Arbus, and restaurateur in Venice for many years. Luigi manages the company together with his wife Patricia (administration and work in the vineyard) and Paolo (vineyard management).

The adventure began in 2014, with the purchase and renovation of an ancient semi-abandoned vineyard. In the following years, Gibadda added other vineyards (both pre-existing and new) and restored an old olive grove.

Current production includes three wines vinified in the traditional way, two wines vinified in amphora and one extra virgin olive oil.


Our Vineyards

We have about 4 hectares of vineyards divided into three lots with north-south and east-west aspects, lying at an altitude of 400 meters on granite-weathered soils. The vines are grown using either alberello (head-trained vines) or guyot training systems. We grow Barbera Sardo, Bovale, Cannonau, Carignano, Monica, Merlot and Vermentino.

We adopt a viticulture that maximizes the natural characteristics of plants and soils. We do not intervene with synthetic substances and, if necessary, we only use copper and sulfur to protect the vines from diseases.

Patricia and the amphorae
Paolo in the vineyard

Mission and Vision

Gibadda’s work is based on a simple and precise production strategy: to express the most authentic spirit of the place through a careful management of the land and a genuine development of its products.

Luigi hasn’t stopped dreaming and Gibadda continues to grow and change. The goal is to explore more and more the opportunities offered by nature and technology, to share discoveries through increasingly intense and innovative products, and to make Gibadda a solid point of reference in the territory.

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