Visiting Gibadda

Wine Tourism
Arbus as seen from Gibadda

The Gibadda Experience

Gibadda was born from a passion for wine and for the land and we are excited to communicate this passion. Come and visit us and you will discover a simple but unique wine tourism experience of about 1 hour and a half.

The experience includes a welcome with a refreshing drink, a walk in the vineyard, and the tasting of our 3 traditional wines (Mommoti, Mommotino and Vermentino) paired with delicious local gastronomic products. You will learn many things about our land, our wines and the production processes. The cost is 18 euros per person.

Gibadda is about an hour’s drive from Cagliari or Elmas airport. (Route on Google Maps)

Old coastal tower and the wines of Gibadda

Arbus and its surroundings

Together with Gibadda, we recommend that you also visit the surroundings.

Arbus is a small inland town, but the municipal area extends mainly towards the sea and even includes almost 70 kilometers of coastline.

From the town you can enjoy a wonderful southern view on the nearby majestic Monte Linas (1236 m), excellent for trekking. Towards the west, you can visit the fascinating remains of old mines (Montevecchio, Ingurtosu, Gennamari, etc.) in which generations of locals worked until the end of the twentieth century. Further west you reach the sea, where the waves pushed by the mistral wind break on ochre-colored cliffs and on beautiful and renowned beaches such as Piscinas and Scivu.

During the year in Arbus there are festivals and fairs that celebrate the agro-pastoral and gastronomic traditions of the area, and the town hosts a famous museum of the typical Sardinian knife.

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