Wines from South Sardinia

Gibadda, Arbus, Sardinia

Gibadda is a dynamic wine producer based in Arbus (province of Sud Sardegna) founded in 2014.

The identity of Gibadda (whose name is taken from a local toponym) is expressed in the passionate encounter between Sardinian winemaking tradition, artisan production techniques, modern technologies, and high-quality food and wine.

Products of Gibadda

Our Products

Our vineyards extend for about 4 hectares in the countryside around Arbus. Our vineyards extend for about 4 hectares in the countryside around Arbus. We grow native vines (Barbera Sardo, Bovale, Cannonau, Carignano, Monica and Vermentino) and we vinify both with traditional methods and in amphora.

We also own an olive grove which gives an excellent extra virgin olive oil.

Wine Tourism

Wine Tourism

We offer exciting on-site wine tourism experiences. Discover Gibadda and the fabulous territory of Arbus and its surroundings.

Adopt a vine from Gibadda

Adopt a vine

Take part in the production of our wines. Adopt the vines of Gibadda and receive at home wines coming from your vine!

Trattoria Anzolo Raffaele in Venice

Gibadda and Venice

Gibadda is also the result of our long experience as top restaurateurs. Our Venetian restaurant (Trattoria Anzolo Raffaele) offers food from the best Italian regional traditions paired with excellent international wines, including our Gibadda wines.

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