Wines and Olive Oil

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The traditional wines of Gibadda

Traditional Wines

We produce three wines using traditional winemaking methods: Mommoti, Mommotino and Vermentino.

The harvest is done manually. The grapes are destemmed and placed in steel tanks for fermentation, which lasts about 8/10 days. A soft pressing of the pomace follows. The must thus obtained spends a few months in steel tanks.

Mommotino and Vermentino are then bottled. Both are fresh and vibrant wines. Mommoti, on the other hand, is the highest expression of our terroir and gives its best by aging for a few months in French oak barrels (barriques).

The amphorae of Gibadda

Wines in Amphora

Part of the grapes harvested in 2021 were destined for a new project: wines fermented and aged in terracotta amphorae. We are enthusiastic about this initiative and we plan to put the wines (two whites and one red) on the market in 2024.

The grapes of our native vines are carefully selected and harvested by hand, destemmed (partly by hand and partly mechanically) and then deposited in the amphorae together with the skins. Fermentation is spontaneous with an open amphora and lasts about 30 days. Punching down and pumping over (follatura) are done manually three times a day. At the end of fermentation, the amphorae are hermetically sealed and a filler allows the release of carbon dioxide. The wine stays in contact with the pomace for 3 to 4 months. It is thus pressed and separated from the skins, and stays in the amphora until the next harvest. Before being put on the market, the wine ages in the bottle for about 6 months.

S'obia, extra virgin olive oil

Olive Oil

Our olive grove stands on the side of a gentle hill overlooking the small town of Arbus. From Bosana and Nera di Gonnos olives, hand-picked and pressed at a controlled temperature, we obtain S’obia. It is an extra virgin olive oil with a greenish yellow color, clear and bright. It has a clear aroma of fresh olives and a slightly spicy flavor with delicate notes of artichoke.

The next vintage of S’obia will be available in 2023.

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