Mommotino 2022

Fresh and balanced

Little brother of Mommoti, the boogeyman of Sardinian tradition, representing both the freshness of youth and the wisdom of maturity.

Appellation: Isola dei Nuraghi IGT Rosso.

Variety: native red grape varieties.

Soil type: granite weathering.

Altitude: 350 m above sea level.

Training method: head-trained bush vines (alberello) and espalier.

Age of the vines: from 10 years to approximately 100 years.

Vineyard density: 4000 vines/ha.

Yield: 4 tons/ha.

Harvest: manual.

Fermentation: spontaneous in steel containers.

Ageing: steel tanks.

Alcohol: 13% vol.

Ideal with mature cheeses, roast meats, and medium-bodied dishes.


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